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We collected here some of the reviews our customers had left inApple App StoreinGoogle Playstore. Some of them share the experience of losing weight with MyNetDiary, some talk about our iPhone application, and some - about our web site and our service.

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Makes food/exercise journaling easy

I've been using this app for over a month and it has helped me lose 10 lbs. already! It makes food journaling and counting calories/nutrition info very easy to integrate into your day. Another benefit that I hadn't planned for is a higher awareness it has given me for my daily carb/protein/fat ratio. I can see during the day if my food intake is leaning too heavily in one direction and adjust my meal accordingly. Paying for the (ad-free) web site membership is well worth it.

by PixieLittle

Comprehensive, robust and extremely easy to use

在researched diet and exercise programs (for the Mac) pretty thoroughly over the past year or so - and tried two or three of them - I knew which criteria were important for me: flexibility, comprehensiveness, robustness and a good support record.

但是你的动机,易用性是至关重要的in making the whole operation more worthwhile - because you're likely actually to stick to it; you're less likely to have "calorie amnesia"; and you will probably be able to keep a more accurate record more regurarly - ideally soon after each "event" (meal, snack and exercise).

MyNetDiary attracted my attention because of the positive reviews I'd read elsewhere and because it's the first to have an iPhone component. The belief that there's any kind of deception in the way the service is marketed is mistaken: you pay for the main component - the web-based recording tool. And a highly competitive price it is too. You can also use the iPhone client, which happens to be "free", to supplement the web service. IOW see MyNetDiary as an excellent web-based tool which has an extra, iPhone, client; not an iPhone application which happens to work with the web service.

What really distinguishes MyNetDiary - apart from the size of its food database and the sound science behind the way the relationship between food and health is calculated - though, is its ease of use.

Not just type-ahead for foods you use a lot, not clever and consistent categorization. But also the sophisticated ways in which you enter foods and quantities: the Ajax-driven web service understands quantities ("3g", "3 g", "3 grams", etc.) as you enter them. And it instantly adjusts all nutrients tracked when you enter "6 grammes" for a double helping, etc. No desktop software works so well that way.

Add to that the simplicity and reliability of the site... it's uncluttered, focused and it affords just the right degree and types of customization in reporting and reviewing your progress: in MyNetDiary you've got a system closer to the ideal for usability, reliability and a comprehensive feature set than any other available.

by marksealey

Great App. Extensive Database. Nice Online Service.

I lost 65 pounds using electronic diet logs over the past year and have been searching for a similar, powerful, robust application for the iPhone. I've found it!

This free app requires a paid subscription to the MyNetDiary website, but it's well worth the price. MND contains the most extensive food and exercise database I've seen in an electronic diet log - and I've used quite a few of them over the past 15 months on both my former Palm Treo and on my new iPhone. This is the best I've seen.

There are people who think they could never count calories. It's actually very easy (and fun, in an odd sort of way) with an application like this. It's simple science. Your body burns x number of calories per day. To lose weight, you need to consume less than x. If you want to eat more than x, you need to increase your activity level. MyNetDiary does all of the math for you.

The interface is clean and easy to understand. Selecting foods and exercises is a quick and simple. Adding custom foods and exercises is also easy. It's obvious that these folks have spent a TON of time refining their service.

While the application is free, it does require a paid subscription to, which costs $7 per month. (A small price to pay for being healthy!) The interaction between the iPhone and their website is elegant and seamless. If I add a food to my diary on the iPhone it instantly shows up in my online account. I can also make entries online and have them show up on my iPhone. All without having to first sync with iTunes. I wish more iPhone apps worked this way!

Yesterday, my iPhone locked up while downloading a game from the App Store. I had to restore my phone and was bummed out about having lost an entire week of my diet log. But when the restore was finished and I relaunched the application on my iPhone, it instantly pulled down my log. Very nice.

If you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your weight, give MyNetDiary a try.

by ejose

Great Food Diary; excellent synching to online site

People who track their food intake are 9 times more successful in their weight loss efforts than those that don't. I had been using Weight Watcher's Online ($16.95/mo), but recently came across the MyNetDiary iPhone app and decided to check it and the service out. I must say, I've been impressed -- for less than half the cost of WW Online ($7/mo for the 6 month plan), you have both an iPhone app and website that are FAST and STABLE. Information entered into the iPhone synchronizes with the website in a few seconds and vice versa. Food entry into WW Online could be a chore as the site was often buggy and just would not save entries.

There are free online food/exercise diaries, including Gyminee which has an iPhone web app for its site, but none have the elegant, user-friendly interface of MyNetDiary. For me, ease of use is crucial if I'm going to stick to a food diary long-term.

I emailed customer support a concern that the reporting section did not include exercises performed. I received an email response in a few hours stating that this was being addressed and exercises will be added to the reports next week.

by drsarah


I can be a fairly cynical/critical person at times, but when I actually get something good, I GUSH. So, here goes: I AM IN LOVE!! This thing ROCKS!!! I would give it 10 starts. [...] Good things usually cost good money, and this thing is WORTH IT! Why? 1. It lives up to its claims. 2. It does so through a BEAUTIFULLY designed app, the interface of which I love SO much that it makes me want to use it even more. What can I say? I am an arty-type, a lover of "cute". It is a TRUE PLEASURE to use this app. 3. MyNetDiary is FAST and EASY. Almost everything I eat is already in the database, and custom foods are easy to add. Tapping in the first few letters of an item prompts the full name of the item -- MY typical choices come up first because MND reembers -- then a single tap on that choice. The app also suggests your most typical quantities of foods -- so again, a single tap does the job. The beauty, the ease the convenience of having it in my iPhone (which is surgically attached to my body at this point) -- all these things add up to this: I am FINALLY doing it! Tracking my food, weight, blood pressure, exercise, keeping a daily log in the notes section about moods/food allergy issues -- and more. This app is helping me to CHANGE MY LIFE -- and this is GOLD. 5. I haven't yet explored all that is available on the web part of the program, but so far it looks cool, too -- and there even more goodies like saving charts to spreadsheets and such. 6. Last, but by no means least: the CUSTOMER SERVICE BLOWS ME AWAY!!!! I have had several questions along the way, and they have all been answered quickly and completely to my satisfaction. I am just not used to this, I guess. (Most of my queries about other apps have never been answered at all.) WOW!! I have so much confidence now that if there are future issues, I know I will always be able to count on a swift response. I am still in my first month, but I will gladly sign on for the whole shebang. I can't imagine being without this app, which already has helped me to learn so much about myself and my patterns in such a short time. My husband, who was completely opposed to me getting into this because of the monthly fee, will likely sign up as well. To the those who created and sustain this app: thank you. You done good. REAL GOOD. I wish you great success.

by OneLove99

Definitely worth it!

I've been using MyNetDiary religiously for five weeks and highly recommend it for anyone trying to lose weight. I signed up for the online service for three months for $8/month. The iPhone app is free. I use MyNetDiary to track all of my exercise and foods consumed. If/when a particular food is not in the database, it's easy to add. Bottom line, using MyNetDiary has made me much more conscious of how many calories I eat, and that awareness along with increased exercise has helped me to lose 15 pounds in five weeks. I love the chart and report features and the fact that everything can be exported (from your computer, not the iPhone) to Microsoft Excel.

by Eric Strauss


After trying no less than a dozen other programs, I stumbled upon MyNetDiary. Reluctant to download this and be forced to pay a monthly fee, I decided to give it a one month try. I quickly realized this program had EVERYTHING I needed and then some. Furthermore, a few contacts to support led to changes they felt were needed. Plus, their support team responds with incredible quickness. Bottom line - the best money I have spent shelling out the hundreds for the iPhone itself. Just now extended my purchase for a full year. Without a doubt, this program is far and away SIMPLY THE BEST!!!

by Music Memories

App for Great but Basic Online Service; Quick & Easy Food Entry

有许多奇妙的卡路里counti(和自由)ng sites out there, mith many more features than MyNetDiary. But the one thing does much better than the rest: it uses a web 2.0 interface (ajax) to make entering food very, very simple. No clicking "submit" and waiting for a page to load to find a food -- it searches as you type. So entering foods - on the site or on the iphone app -- is very quick and easy. [...] And the existence of an iPhone app and the quality of user interface are my primary criteria: unless it's simple, fast, easy, I simply can't keep up with the food diary. So if you're serious about counting calories on your iPhone on an app that's connected to an online service, you should consider the superb MyNetDiary.

by wesalwan

Important Note

Please note that some of our customers lose weight quickly, and some - do not. It depends on many factors, but the science behind losing weight with MyNetDiary by eating less and exercising more is sound. And we made MyNetDiary to be as easy and simple as it gets, to help you be successful in the long run. Results mentioned on this page (10 lbs in a month and 15 lbs in 5 weeks) are not typical. Please seeMyNetDiary efficacyreport for average weight loss statistics.