MyNetDiary for Healthcare Professionals

MyNetDiary for Healthcare Professionals


Built on asolid, scientific foundation,mm88up.com体育ynetdiary遵循营养与饮食学院,美国糖尿病协会,美国心脏协会和美国农业部(USDA)的准则,建议和方程。我们努力为用户提供基于证据的营养和健身信息。


我们的用户喜欢mynetdiam88up.com体育ry!m88up.com体育mynetdiary有一个恒星4.8-star rating

The fusion of nutrition science, ease of use, a comprehensive database of over a million foods, and ability to sync with iOS health apps and various fitness trackers makes for a winning combination.

m88up.com体育mynetdiary被评为best free weight-loss app




一种s mentioned above, MyNetDiary follows the guidelines, recommendations, and equations of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Institute of Medicine, American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


MyNetDiary’s foods databaseis reliable with all verified foods, and there are few duplicates in MyNetDiary. Before adding a new food item to MyNetDiary's database, the data entry team checks that it does not already exist in the database so that no duplicates get accepted. Other trackers use crowdsourced entries resulting in duplication and out-of-date/discontinued items and dishes. It becomes more difficult to find and log the right foods, dishes, and meals, and their respective calories and nutrients.

No advertisements on MyNetDiary!

MyNetDiary perceives ads and promoted stories as unhelpful and even counterproductive to user success. No paid commercial content appears in MyNetDiary, even in the free version. Commercialism distracts users of diet and fitness apps. The screens become crowded with highly-targeted ads about various diet trends, supplements, and weight-loss tools, many of questionable quality and science.

Community support

MyNetDiary’sblog,营养师修饰论坛,,,,andsocial mediaprovide independent, professional, actionable information that is helpful to the overall success of users.

Nutrient tracking

MyNetDiary tracks eight nutrients in the free version and 37 nutrients with Premium membership, including all major vitamins and minerals. Users can set personalized targets and reports based on their unique health goals.

Quick food-logging process

MyNetDiary has a fast food-logging process. It employs a whole set of tools and shortcuts to

Staple foods catalog


PhotoFood service

Users can scan the barcode of products and upload photos of food labels to the app. The food will quickly be added or updated by MyNetDiary.

Recipe features

健身功能明升 娱乐城下载

Links with many fitness trackers, such asFitbit,,,,Withings,,,,andGarmin


MyNetDiary is the only diet app with a built-in, clear, and simple GPS tracker to accurately and automatically record your workouts right in the app, calculating calories, distance, and workout time.

Step bonus

MyNetDiary can automatically account for additional expended calories during day-to-day walking. Users can select the sedentary activity level and still get rewarded with calories burned based on their number of steps.


MyNetDiary Premium includes an option to跟踪糖尿病和糖尿病前。它不仅记录了血糖读数,而且还可以跟踪和图表胰岛素,药物,A1C和血液胆固醇测试。为了进行适当的血糖监测,用户可以指定目标范围,例如餐前和2小时的餐后目标范围。他们可能会添加时间戳读数,将标签分配给读数以对它们进行分类,添加笔记,设置BG检查提醒,查看几个特殊的血糖图表等。


MyNetDiary Premium provides options to track medications, test results, measurements, and symptoms. Some users may want to monitor specific health and diet-related information, for example, hunger levels or quality of sleep. MyNetDiary Premium provides custom trackers where users can define any number of situations or experiences, then enter their daily values and even chart them. MyNetDiary also supports post-bariatric surgery patients with easily customized nutrient targets and a convenient water tracker right on the dashboard.






Favorite food tracker

一种pr 17, 2020

Excellent App for patients, doctors, and everyone in general

I cannot stop saying how amazing is this app. As a physician myself I have never encountered such a complete app where not only one can meet weight loss goals, but do so in a safe manner, with excellent recommendations by expert nutritionists, that above all make sure the process is safe for you, so not to go into dangerous fad diets, unhealthy BMIs. As well, it has been such a learning experience for me to realize how many empty, dangerous amounts of sodium, dangerous fats one can consumed thinking you are eating healthy. It increases your awareness and helps you recognize healthier options in food while filling satisfied. The free app is very good BUT the paid app is unbelievable. I am not one to be spending money as many a times it tends to be a completely useless purchase, not with this! This app is awesome. It is so accurate since you have an option to create your own recipe and it will calculate the nutrients for you by portions. I recommend this to anyone who not only wants to lose or gain weight but to anyone who wants to eat healthier to decrease risks of so many preventable diseases such as diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and many more.
Jul 23, 2020

Great app. Helped me tremendously!


Easy to use

失去了80磅,保持了超过5年一个吗d find MyNetDiary app really helpful. It represents a call to consciousness around healthy choices . My doctor suggested it and is delighted with my improved blood pressure, lower cholesterol and now normal HbA1C!
一种pr 17, 2019

Tried all the other food apps


Instructor's review

I taught nutrition at the college level for 30 years. I worked for Nutrisystem as a counselor and have been a private weight loss and eating disorder counselor for 25 yrs. I love love love this app. I have downloaded several apps, but this is the only one I use. I used to spend hours going over clients logs, now this app does all the work for me. I make all clients download it on our first meeting. I cannot imagine a better app. My clients also adore it!
June 12, 2012

对专业人士的好处 - 营养师和培训师

m88up.com体育Mynetdiary在这里帮助饮食,营养和健身专业人员与客户更有效地合作。该应用程序很容易向客户展示,以帮助他们获得专业指导和培训的最大收益。m88up.com体育Mynetdiary提供专业包,其中包括免费的优质会员资格,并提供适合客户的免费礼品卡。m88up.com体育Mynetdiary还为MyNetdiary Premium会员资格提供50%的折扣,可以免费或费用向客户提供费用。

Getting started


Free MyNetDiary Professional Pack包括以下内容:

注册营养师可以在一种ND websiteand provide us with the following information to save you time on your next visit to MyNetDiary:

如果验证不适用,请实验lain how your professional credentials can be verified online or simply fax your credentials to fax number 1-800-385-7461.

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