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The Best Commercial Food Database and API

MyNetDiary food catalog is the most complete, accurate and up-to-date nutrition database in the English-speaking world. We use our food catalog for high-quality calorie counting and nutrition analysis delivered to the millions of our diet app users. As MyNetDiary provides a comprehensive diet service, we know how inaccurate food labels undermine the whole idea of diet tracking, analysis and planning. Many years of rigorous food research resulted in a powerful data product you can license for your applications and online services today:

  • 1,126,000 foods在美国圣ates, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Verified foods only.
  • 1,300家餐厅among2200年供应商including well-known brands, restaurants, fast food chains, supermarkets, special diets, ethnic foods and common USDA foods.
  • 566,000 UPC barcodes分配给大多数受欢迎的包装食品。
  • Food popularity rank基于数千万个mynetdiary用户的食物记录。m88up.com体育我们知道人们实际吃什么。
  • Up to 50 nutrientsper food, on average 15 nutrients per food.
  • 最多10份每个食物。我们对抗重复并将数据归一化。
  • Food iconsfor most foods help you create beautiful, readable food lists.

Specifications and Samples

享受我们的Instant Food Search,找到任何食物并体验API。与我们的扫描条形码free mobile apps.

DownloadData and API Specificationfor details or simply check ourFood Samples.


You can license MyNetDiary food database for commercial and research purposes. The license does not allow reselling the data.

We offer food database license for$40,000 USDwithout time limitations. The license includes 3 quarterly updates and API access during the first year of licensing. After that, you can keep using the database indefinitely without further updates.

从第二年开始,您可以选择购买进一步的更新和继续API访问$8,000 USD per year.

Some of our licensing customers start with using API, which makes a lot of sense:

  • Deliver your application faster通过重复我们的搜索算法和服务器。快速建立概念验证,降低初始投资并缩短应用程序的市场时间。
  • Our smart and fast APIsearches by multiple words in any order, partial words, food synonyms, abbreviations and phonetic similarity. Brand names and food categories are searched along with food names. Search results highlight matched user inputs. UPC lookup is included.
  • 搜索结果按受欢迎程度排名在数百万的饮食应用程序使用者中。与其他数据库提供商不同,我们实际上知道人们吃什么并建议最相关的食物。
  • All food updatesare immediately available to your application. We add and verify about 300 foods every day.
  • Obtain complete food catalogand switch to your own search at any time.
  • 服务正常运行时间为99.9%or better.
  • Server response in < 200 msplus network.

Why Choose MyNetDiary Food Database?


  1. Our food catalog lists over1,126,000foods. It's much bigger than other popular verified databases, such as CalorieKing and ESHA.
  2. Your cankeep MyNetDiary data and use it indefinitely支付许可费后。大多数竞争对手收取年费。
  3. Many databases have obsolete nutrition data. Ourcontinuous food research and popularity rankinghelps us keep the database up-to-date. We publish thousands of food updates each day.
  4. We research foods on demand用于发送的用户PhotoFood通过移动应用程序的请求。我们的竞争对手都没有提供这样的服务,这可以帮助我们保持最新,并迅速将最新的包装食品添加到目录中。
  5. 与竞争对手不同,我们与重复和研究作斗争每份食物多份whenever possible. Their food databases often count servings as additional foods, having for example dozens of Coca-Cola "foods".
  6. Ourhierarchical food catalogis convenient for browsing big vendors like Wegmans or Tesco. Competitors' catalogs are usually flat, making it difficult to browse and find foods.


Check out the MyNetDiaryresearch systemand see how much attention we give to completeness and correctness of the data, and how many data rules are implemented by our research team. We automate data validation as much as possible, but it still takes a human to ensure quality.Every change is double-checked by our quality assurance team.

Keeping the catalog up-to-date is challenging since the food industry is a dynamic, ever-changing world: food vendors sell and buy brands, change their name while growing the business, change servings and clarify their nutrition labels over time. We meet these challenge withcontinuous monitoring and periodic, prioritized verificationof such vendors and brands.


It is hard to avoid duplication because of re-packaging and re-branding of the same products and their slight variations.我们删除任何重复项within 24 hours after noticing.

We work with restaurants and food companies to add and update their menus and products in our food database. If you represent a restaurant or a food company, please emailinfo@mynetdiary.comto get your products included.


Specifications and Samples

享受我们的Instant Food Search,找到任何食物并体验API。与我们的扫描条形码free mobile apps.

DownloadData and API Specificationfor details or simply check ourFood Samples.


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