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The Best Diet App for Android

There are several calorie counters apps available for Android, free ad-supported, and paid. Loading a diet app on your Android is the easiest part of losing weight.

Establishing a new healthy lifestyle and achieving permanent weight loss is more difficult. You need to find aproven, solid program that works well。Something that is easy, takes the minimum of your time, something that you can use every day and will not give up. Healthy weight loss does take time.

m88up.com体育迈达德is the first and only professional, uncompromising, high-quality diet app for Android. It is built following our highly successful, top-of-the-line iPhone and iPad apps, taking no shortcuts. Everything our users love in the iPhone app is available on Android. And we made every effort to make MyNetDiary a pleasure to use every day.

MyNetDiary的Calorie Counm88up.com体育ter Pro可在Google Play和其他Android商店提供。此应用程序没有任何广告。获取Google Play的应用程序或只需在手机上的App Store中搜索MyNetDiary!m88up.com体育
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Let us show you why MyNetDiary is the best

Fast and Easy Food Entry

m88up.com体育迈达德is the only即时卡路里计数器- 像Google Instant,推动可能的限制 - 在键入时搜索,预测您的条目,并纠正错误的拼写。进入日常食物的速度没有更快的方法,而不是与肢体迪亚尔,每天节省5-12分钟,帮助您坚持您的饮食计划。m88up.com体育

Fast and easy food entry is crucial for any diet app, and we are proud that MyNetDiary is the number one in speed and ease of use.


With 1,126,000 foods entered by us and growing weekly, you rarely need to enter food labels. Equally important, MyNetDiary database is accurate and up-to-date, without duplicates. We have a great team working on food research every day - if some foods are not yet in our database, let us know and if this information is available from the vendor,我们将为您输入食品标签。We call itContinuous Food Researchprocess.




m88up.com体育MyNetDiary Pro允许从最多45个营养素挑选进行跟踪。


Diabetes Tracker app provides net carbs and diabetes carb count tracking.

The Report screens shows you all meals and foods together.


最重要的图表 - 重量图表 - 显示您的体重进展,表明您的目标重量和投影减肥曲线。

There are many more charts in MyNetDiary – helping you visualize and compare with plan your macronutrient balance (in grams, calories, and percentages), and see your calorie deficit.

If you track body measurements other than weight, you can also see each of them on the charts.


If you often eat the same foods together, you can create a recipe. The next time you eat them, you only need to enter one food – the recipe itself.

m88up.com体育迈达德Pro provides a powerful recipe editor – allowing you to adjust the recipe, to add or remove ingredients, or adjust their amounts.

Professional, Mature Service

m88up.com体育肢体迪尔多于卡路里的柜台。我们的服务于2007年夏季向公众开放,我们在2008年1月提供了第一个iPhone优化的食物日记。我们自下午以来无效地改善和改进了服务,增加了我们会员要求的功能。明升 娱乐城下载

现在,正如我们的许多会员都使用Android智能手机,我们创建了一个Android应用程序,以帮助您保持日记。Android应用程序是我们服务的Pinnacle,实现了我们与iPhone学到的一切,而不会妥协。它是我们领先的最先进的iPhone应用程序的各个方面的先进,由Apple作为一个App Store Essentialfor “Get in Shape”.

m88up.com体育迈达德for Android has everything- 45nutrients, all body measurements, recipes, favorites, exercise, diet planning, US and metric system, many charts, reports, food time tracking, barcode scanner, and much more. Everything you miss in other calorie counters is available in MyNetDiary and, as always, it is very easy to use. Did we mention that there are no ads in the app?

Works with a Web Site

We all love our smartphones and rely on them every day. But healthy weight loss takes time, and similarly to email, you may want to use the comfort of your computer, with its large screen and keyboard - when you are home or at the office. With MyNetDiary you have the flexibility of keeping your diary on a state-of-the-art web site, or your Android. The web site and your Android are always inperfect sync

We have Dieting Community

减肥重量与食物日记的科学是声音和经过验证的,每天都有数百万人减肥。但有时我们需要更多的动力,有点帮助打击减肥高原,或者一些友好的支持,以便我们在我们更好的健康之旅中感到孤单。m88up.com体育迈达德社区是一个友好的地方,您可以与其他人合作以获得所需支持, keep your动机high and build long-term dietingaccountability。我们的社区论坛得到了支持注册营养师


Most importantly, our members lose weight with MyNetDiary and they love MyNetDiary. Almost every day, we receive e-mails and praise from our members, describing how MyNetDiary helped them to achieve their weight goals.

reviews and testimonials我们的会员。

你有一个Android手机吗?MyNetDiary的Calorie Counm88up.com体育ter Pro可在Google Play和其他Android商店提供。此应用程序没有任何广告。获取Google Play的应用程序或只需在手机上的App Store中搜索MyNetDiary!m88up.com体育
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